How is Asian blepharoplasty performed? Possible ptosis or just swelling? (Photo)

I read that it takes 5-7-10 days for Asian upper eyelids to look presentable. I am 12 days past the surgery. Am wondering whether it's ptosis or the surgeon took out too much fat and unfortunately resulted in hollow appearance? I am extremely upset and regretting my decision for Asian blepharoplasty. Please let me know how long swelling will likely take to subside?Does blepharoplasty involve taking out a lot of fat from the eyes? Is dryness a permanent condition?

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Asian blepharoplasty performed..


The "Asian Eye" refers to those with a low lid crease and is not exclusive to those of Asian descent. The Asian blepharoplasty is performed in a nearly identical fashion to classic blepharoplasty, though typically less lid tissue removal is required. The marking of the lid crease and the length and shape of the incision are the critical factors to a desirable outcome. The natural lid crease is marked across the length of the eyelid. The excess skin is also marked. The temporal end of the excision is extended slightly beyond the natural crease to maintain the low, flat angle of the natural lid. Sutures are used to close the skin margins and removed after approximately 10 days. There is often some temporary darkening of the incision following surgery but in nearly 100% of cases the incision becomes undetectable after several weeks.

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Healing from Asian blepharoplasty

good morning Ms. Lim

I'm sorry to hear about your stress but your story is not uncommon.  He will more than likely continue to heal and look good and much more symmetric as time goes on.  One question that needs to be answered is "was there are asymmetry of your eyes to begin with?".  If they were then your surgeon may have used slightly different techniques on one side versus the other to get asymmetric outcome.
In my own practice which is mostly Asian eyelid surgery about 30% of my cases are asymmetric to begin with and I used slightly different techniques on each side to get a symmetric outcome...  These cases I do find take longer to heal, sometimes up to 3 or 4 weeks.

Even in situations where he were symmetric to begin with you can have asymmetric healing in the first few weeks.  Please be patient and do your best not to cause your self to much stress.  Even though many patients do heal by 7-10 days many cases do take 2-4 weeks to really look presentable.  Fortunately, I am able to predict this with some reliability based on the patient's anatomy and skin type.  I'm sure you will do well and follow your surgeons directions.

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