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Artefill in my nose seems to have flattened.

I got artefill in my nose bridge 4 days ago bc I had a big dip in my nose. When the doctor put in the artefill it looked great. It got swollen as he said it would for about a week but as of right now it looks like it is almost back to the way my nose normally looked. I think he did mention it would flatten for a little but that the way it looked when he first injected it would be the ending result. Am I just to critical right now and it'll be fine or should I be worried?

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Artefill for Liquid Rhinoplasty

At 4 days after any procedure you will have swelling from the injection.  It takes about 7 to 14 dqys for all of this to settle down.  Artefill has an immediate result and if you liked what you saw right after the injection but before it became swollen (usually abut 5 to 15 minutes after the injection) then it is very likely you will like the result when everythig has settled.  

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