2 Months PO, Will My Implants Be Damaged or Ripple If I Lose Weight?

I was around 145 when I got my implants 2 months ago. I am now 150 pounds (5'7). I really want to be about 135 pounds.  My right breast is 304cc's and my left breast is 339cc's. will my implants be damaged or ripple if I lose the weight?

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2 monts postop, will losing weight cause rippling or damage implants


Although everyone is different, losing about 10lbs shouldn't cause rippling or damage your implants.  Typically, rippling is more visible with saline implants and if you are above the muscle.  Skin quality and how much of your own breast tissue you have also makes a difference.   ac

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Emergence of rippling resulting from weight loss after breast augmentation is rare.


It is possible that loss of subcutaneous fat could result in some visible rippling of the prosthesis. Based on the photograph and the modest amount of weight loss anticipated I think this is extremely unlikely.

Web reference: http://www.zubowicz.com/subpag,13-atlanta-breast-augmentation.htm

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Implants affect by weight loss


Although the implants themselves will not change, with weight loss you could lose some breast volume and the skin could loosen some. Everyone is different and the best way to judge how you will react is based on how much your skin loosened with weight loss in the past. That being said, it is not likely your implants will ripple if they aren't already. 

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Weight loss


Typically it takes a significant amount of weight loss to really allow any rippling to be visible ie 20 lbs or so. If you r implants are sub-muscular, they will be even less likely to show any contour of the implant. You may have some looser skin post weight loss but this is difficult to predict. Good luck! 

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Rippling after weight loss


I doubt that losing 15 pounds will result in visible rippling. Especially if the implants are beneath the muscle.

Web reference: http://www.cosmeticsurgerybaltimore.com/

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Rippling after weight loss


Rippling can occur when tissues are thin.  It is difficult to predict how yoru breasts will respond with weight loss, but is is possible.

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Weight Loss and Effects on Implants


   Dear cv9265,   Your implants will not be damaged if you lose weight. On the other hand, some patients lose breast volume with weight loss and may experience some rippling of their implants. In my opinion, if you lose 10-15 pounds, I doubt you will see much in the way of rippling.


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Will weight-loss affect my implants?

Thanks for your question. You have a wonderful result after your breast augmentation procedure. You should not notice any difference from losing the weight you gained. You may lose a small amount of size from your breasts but this'll be very unnoticeable with only a 10 to 15 pound weight loss.
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Your implants will not be damaged by losing weight.


Your implants will not be damaged by weight loss.  However, as you lose weight, you may lose volume from your breast tissue as well.  Rippling of implants can be more appreciated if you do not have much coverage (breast tissue and muscle) over the implants.  Most likely losing 10 lbs will not affect your palpation of implants (ripples).

Web reference: http://www.drkimplasticsurgery.com

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Implants will not be damaged, rippling may occur.



Thank you for the question and the photo.  I don't see any reason to assume there may be implant damage if weight is lost.  The thinner the breast tissue thickness the more likely it is that you may be able to feel or see your breast implant.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Web reference: Http://drrepta.com

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