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My husband has these wrinkles really bad under his eye. Will Botox or fillers work to smooth out? Or any other suggestions??

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Laser resurfacing not Botox best for extensive cheek wrinkles


Thank you for your question.  The extensive wrinkling that you show in the photograph of your husband which is occurring below the eyelid will not likely be improved with Botox injections.  Combined laser resurfacing could be a more effective option.

please be sure to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in laser techniques for formal examination, diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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I believe your husband could benefit from a combination of fillers and botox to improve the wrinkling around his eyes.

Antoine A. Hallak, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Improving wrinkles around the eyes


Your husband would likely benefit from a multi-pronged approach. First, he needs to start wearing sunscreen, and at night using a retinol or tretinoin topically.  I'd consider Botox and possibly filler, as well as some laser resurfacing or medium depth chemical peels. This can certainly be improved.

Benjamin Barankin, MD
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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