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Post-op TT & Plication X 28 Days, Swollen Tummy & Very Numb, Very Heavy Feeling?

Surgery was Mar. question is this, my drains were taken out on Mar. 8, & since then, I have had a numb & swollen abdomen & lower belly. I'm a bit worried about fluid, but I do see my surgeon on the 22, so it will addressed, I'm sure. Should I be concerned at this stage of the game, or just be patient. I've waited for what seems a lifetime for this surgery, & am extremely pleased with my results, not to mention that my surgeon was incredible! I just feel very 'full' right now

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Post-op TT & Plication X 28 Days, Swollen Tummy & Very Numb, Very Heavy Feeling?

Swelling is pretty universal, and it will usually take about 3 months for most to resolve. Numbness is also a 100% occurrence. Improvement takes about a year. If only the lower abdomen is swollen, there could be a fluid collection (seroma) which your surgeon would need to address. 

Pleased to hear that you are happy with the outcome. It will only improve. All the best. 

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Post TT swelling and numbness

Hi Lorelie,

I'm pleased your surgical experience has been a good one.

Numbness especially in the lower abdominal skin after a tummy tuck is normal and to be expected. It can take a couple of years for sensation to stabilize and in most cases normal or close to normal feeling comes back.

Some swelling after a tummy tuck is normal as well and can take a few months to settle down. Having said that, a collection of fluid can sometimes form between the muscle layer and abdominal flap which can produce a swollen appearance. If this occurs it should be drained off. This is a minor procedure usually performed in office. I like my patients to call me if they have any concerns after their surgery. If I were you I'd call your surgeon to discuss the swelling.

Douglas McManamny, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

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