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I Think I Know the Answer to my Eyebrow Tension - Any Thoughts?

After upper eyelid surgery (4 mo. ago) I had this strain-tension around or above my eyebrow (not in the eyelid area). However I researched my problem since many people didn't know, and I think I know why. After the surgery my eyelid lifting muscle (Levator/Mueller) became tightened, stronger- and when they lift, this causes unconscious contraction of the corrugator supercilli muscle/ frontalis- (every action has equal/opposite reaction)- and this causes a tension in that area. Any comments?

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Think I Know the Answer to my Eyebrow Tension - Any Thoughts?

The truth is that your theory can easily be tested.  Get Botox injected into your corrugator muscles and see if the headaches stop.  If they do, your theory is correct as to why you are having headaches.

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