If We All Have the Same Sized Eyeball, Why Can't People with a Double Lid Have a Monolid? Can Someone Please Explain In-depth?

I really wanna know how you can't just take the crease and pull it down or up through surgery to modify the shape of it. I mean, I've read another article about a girl that wants a mono lid like I do, and the doctors said that the scarring would be terrible and the doctor couldn't do it or something. I don't think it's true; I feel doctors just don't wanna waste their time on a surgery that may or may not be successful. Maybe make the eyelid more fatty with injections, so you have more skin?

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Correcttion of double eyelid


In patients of Asian ancestry there is often a lack of a well-defined upper eyelid crease.  This is related to several aspects of the anatomy.  First, the levator muscle, which lifts the eyelid when we look upward, is not anchored to a structure known as the tarsal plate.  Also there tends to be extra fat in the more superficial plane of the eyelid.

Techniques to correct this involve a reduction of the upper eyelid fat and a surgical attachment of the levator fascia to the upper edge of the tarsal plate.  This is often referred to as an anchor blepharoplasty.

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Unless you have a good understanding of the anatomy of the eyelid, it would be impossible to fully describe this to you. There are fibers from the levator muscle [opens the eyelid] to the skin that forms the lid crease.

Some asians do not have these type of attachements: hence the single eyelid.

Trying to remove these attachments to remove the skin is near impossible because where-ever you cut the attachments, scarring will reform and cause further attachments. Hence a vicious cycle.

Yes you are right:  Surgeons do not want to waste time on surgery that will NOT be effective. Patients shouldn't want it either.

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