What types of breast support can be used to prevent bottoming out when doing revision surgery?

I need a breast revision, I want to know what are the options available to prevent bottom out breast ? What is matrix, what other materials are used and what's the difference ?

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SERI Scaffold or Strattice for bottomed out implant

Acellular Dermal Matrix or ADM is made from skin with the cells removed, so it functions as a template for your body to generate a new layer of tissue. Strattice is made from pigskin and works very well. A newer material called SERI scaffold is derived from purified silk. This also transforms into a layer of tissue over time, and is less expensive than Strattice. The concept is like an internal bra.

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Implants are less likely to bottom out if they are placed above the muscle.

Bottoming out is an infrequent complication of breast augmentation. It is seen less frequently when the implants are placed above the muscle as this eliminates the vector of force generated upon the prosthesis when the implant is pushed upon by the engaged pectoralis muscle.

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