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After a Tummy Tuck, is It Normal to Have a Small Numbness Pouch Below Your Belly Button?

I had a tummy tuck 17 months ago. I am still experiencing numbness right below my belly button. But know I have this little pouch that is numb. I am not sure if it is my muscle or what. Is that normal?

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After a Tummy Tuck, is It Normal to Have Numbness


The TT interrupts many sensory nerve fibers resulting in some numbness in all patients. Much recovers over the course of a year. By then persistent areas of numbness are usually permanent. Even so, they get less and less bothersome.

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Some numbness is common



Thank you for the question.  During the process of a tummy tuck the small nerves that innervate the skin are cut to allow removal of the excess skin.  Many of these nerves will grow back but will take time.  It is possible that some of the nerves will not return and some numbness will persist.

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Numbness post TT


The complete healing takes around two years for the numbness to vanish away like all the unwanted effects of the surgery, stay assured things usually get better with time.

The reason for the numbness is the surgical dissection and denervation of the abdominal sensory nerves, which is expected to be re-innervated later with the process of healing.The best.

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
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Numbness after tummy tuck


The numbness that you are experiencing is not uncommon after tummy tuck surgery.  The sensory nerves to the skin on the lower abdomen are cut during this operation by necessity.  The innervation slowly returns in most cases  but it can take time.  You should see that the zone of numbness gradually diminishes as time passes.  

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