Sex After Labiaplasty?

I am now 7 weeks after my labiaplasty and everything is healing well, I just had sex for the first time after the operation and i had some pain and the area swelling badly, specially around my vagina where the stiches end, there is small bump there that doctor said it will go away with time but after sex it gets harder painful and swelling, is that normal?

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Labiaplasty recovery and intimacy after surgery

There may be a retained suture that is causing some pain. I always feel that patients know their body's well and would encourage you to come in for an examination to examine the area. 

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Labiaplasty healing

I advise my labiaplasty patients to avoid intercourse for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery. It takes several months for a labiaplasty to completely heal and for all the swelling to resolve. If you have increased swelling and pain after intercourse, you may want to wait a few more weeks to allow it to heal before trying again.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best!

Sex after labiaplasty

I typically ask that patients refrain from sex for at least six to eight weeks, or longer if it is painful. Please see your surgeon to discuss your concern, and trust their opinion.

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Sex following labiaplasty

I prefer for my patients to avoid sexual intercourse for at least one month following labiaplasty surgery.

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Sex After Labiaplasty?

I normally recommend waiting at least six weeks, and then using plenty of lubrication.  That's assuming that everything is well-healed after the surgery.  So, the first question is whether or not that's the case with you?  You should contact your PS to discuss this.  If you are already well-healed, then using a bit more lubrication should be adequate, along with a bit of patience.  If there are any problems with your healing, then those should be addressed by your surgeon.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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Sex after Labiaplasty

You are still early in the post operative period after your labiaplasty.  It is not uncommon to experience mild pain and swelling the first few times you have sex after this procedure.  It is important to make sure that you did not disrupt the incision line.  If there was bleeding or persistent swelling, you need to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible and refrain from more sex until you are cleared.  If there was no other issues, you should make sure to use plenty of lubrication the next time you have sex.  If the pain worsens with more sex, then again see your plastic surgeon.

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Intimacy 7 weeks after labiaplasty

Thanks for the question. If the healed suture line was pain free and not tender before sex then its just physical friction induced redness swelling and anything more if there it is at 7 weeks after surgery since the wound is expected to heal by now. However if it has not healed totally and you had sex then there can be any thing depending upon the severity of the physical effort from both partners. I think a physical examination by your PS perhaps is better than our answers. Wish you good luck.

Intimacy after labiaplasty

can create local inflammation and swelling.  Healing is a dynamic process where scar is being remodeled constantly.  As long as there is no disruption of your suture line, you should be good but using extra lubrication is a good suggestion.  And of course of you have persistent concerns, you should follow this up with your surgeon.

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Swelling And Pain After Intercourse: 7 Weeks Post Labiaplasty

It's not unusual for the first intercourse after labiaplasty to be uncomfortable and to create some swelling on this newly healed tissue.  As long as there are no tears in the labial tissue, I would continue judiciously after a few days and with a lot of lubrication to attempt a second intercourse.  This should be less uncomfortable and create less swelling than your first. 
That being said, I would contact your plastic surgeon and share this information with him or her.  Everyone's tissue is different and healing times are also different, but 7 weeks is plenty of healing to allow for sexual intercourse.  I double seriously if anything is wrong.  Things should improve with time. 

Sex 7 Weeks after Labiaplasty

    If you had a wedge labiaplasty, then waiting the 6 weeks is prudent to prevent separation of tissue.  If the tissue did not separate after sex, then you are probably OK.  If you have a hard area, this could be scar of suture or both.  Get your surgeon to look at it for you.

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