After implant is put in, to achieve symmetry w/ native breast, should I have PS cut/move nipple or remove it during TE exchange?

I had a SNP sparing uni mastectomy; Tissue Expander exchange scheduled for 2014. We're trying to match the native (left) breast, PS said he might move the right nipple during the exchange surgery. Might be a chance he won't. I'm inclined toward removing nipple if it doesn't line up to the left. I don't want another incision, nor to risk necrosis/infection, just to have another surgery to remove the nipple. I haven't had radiation, and I don't smoke, so maybe the complication risks are slim.

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You don't need to have the nipple removed to get symmetry

Many patients have been asymmetric throughout life.  Thank you for sharing the photo.  I see that you are deficient in the cleavage area on the right and there is an indentation in the right upper chest area as it joins the armpit I believe.  These areas can be treated with fat grafting.  Simply circular scars can be used to make the nipple posiition of the left match right and vice versa.

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