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After Fraxel Laser Treatments, is the Appearance of a Sunburn a Side Effect for Every Patient?

How common is hyper-pigmentation after treatments?

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Fraxel Laser


 Hyperpigmentation after laser therapy is highest in the darker skin.  If you have Hispanic, Italian, Mediter. , Asian or similar skin or just dark eyes, your risk is higher for hyperpigmentation.  A sunburn sensation is common in many patients.

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Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Hyperpigmentation is described as a possible side effect in darker skin


I am very cautious in treating types III or higher skin type.  If you have a darker complexion you may have to pre-treat for several weeks before with a hydroquinone before Fraxel treatment. While hyper-pigmentation is mentioned as a possible side effect of the laser, I have not had any cases to date.  I think proper patient selection is important and proper settings of course.  That is why only an experienced user in Fraxel should be chosen.

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