After Breast Surgery, Will my Breasts Lose Their Erotic Sensitivities?

After Breast Surgery, Will my Breasts Lose Their Erotic Sensitivities?

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Changes in Sensitivity Following Breast Augmentation

Changes in sensation are normally temporary and resolve in the weeks or months following surgery. It is very rare that permanent changes occur. 

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Breast sinsitivitie loss after breast implant surgery.


Losing full sensation is very rare. However there is a small possibility of losing sensation. Usually you will experience hypersensitivity for about 3 months after surgery and then the sensation will be back to normal. Your nipple and or breast skin might partially lose sensation. It may take up to two years for full sensation to return.

Alfred Sofer, MD
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Yes, nipple numbness is a know risk of breast surgery


Usually not, but yes, nipple numbness is a know risk of breast surgery. Changes in nipple sensation happen about 10% of the time. This usally gets better over 3-6 months but sometimes it can be permanent.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Nipple sensation after breast augmentation.


Nipple sensation can change following any breast operation. Some numbness can occur following augmentation, although in most patients this returns to normal. Regardless, nipple sensitivity changes are a known complication with any breast operation and should be discussed with your surgeon before surgery.

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Breast Augmentation - After Breast Surgery, Will my Breasts Lose Their Erotic Sensitivities?


Usually not.  In fact, if anything, my patients generally reported enhancement of all aspects - both physical and emotional/psychological.  Whether for the women themselves, their partners, or all involved, this procedure typically augments everything....That being said, the risk of diminished or alteration sensation, and all its consequences, is real and has to be taken seriously when considering this surgery.  More extensive discussions are available on many forums.  In general, though, this procedure tends to benefits patients from many different standpoints.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Alan M. Engler, MD, FACS
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Sensitivity of nipples


Most patients have normal sensation return after breast augmentation. usually patients have some numbness from swelling and then it improves. however, there is a small percentage of patients that do not have normal sensation return. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Loss of Breast Sensation after Surgery


It is possible to have changes in nipple sensation after breast surgery. It is common after breast reduction (but typically improves in a few weeks) and less common after breast augmentation (but typically also improves). For most women, if the sensation changes, it returns to normal but in rare cases, changes may be permanent. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Loss of Sensation after Breast Surgery?


Thank you for the question.

There is a low percentage rate of patients who lose sensation after breast augmentation surgery.  Some patients report numbness for a few  months and then their sensation returns. Sometimes loss of sensation is permanent Results may vary from patient to patient depending on the severity and complexity of your case ( the larger the implant and/or the more involved the procedure the greater the risk).

There is also a risk of hyper-sensitivity (ssually temporary).

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Lost of Nipple Sensation after Breast Surgery


Loss of sensation to the nipple/areolar area can happen with any breast surgery, but is fortunately rare.  It is most uncommon after breast augmentation and if it occurs, it is usually temporary.  If this is a major concern for you, discuss it carefully with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

Dustin L. Reid, MD
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Nipple Sensation after Breast Augmentation


Changes to nipple sensation can occur after breast augmentation, but are uncommon and usually temporary. 

Some factors to consider include incision location (peri-areolar has a slightly higher incidence of nerve trauma than other locations), and implant size (larger implants have the possibility of stretching the nerves providing sensation to the nipple).

If a change in sensation does occur after surgery, discuss it with your surgeon. He or she will perform an exam to determine what kinds of change you are experiencing. Tingling or "buzzing" in the area is indicative of nerve stress and is almost always temporary. Complete loss of sensation in more worrisome but also much more rarely seen. 

William A. Wallace, MD, FACS
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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