What Are the Most Affordable Options for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What is the cost for an option with and without dental implants?

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Affordable options for full mouth dental implant reconstruction

Without implants, if you have teeth, then crown and bridge and partial dentures is the most affordable option to fill in gaps and obtain and aesthetic result. With implants, the cost increases significantly.
If you are missing ALL of your teeth, without implants, your only option is full upper and lower dentures (plates). However, with implants there are three options:
Option A: Four implants per jaw to support horseshoe shaped removable dentures-COST=$15,000 per jaw so if you do top and bottom, you're looking at spending about $30,000. You will be able to chew anything and look great. However, you will need to take the dentures out to clean them daily and put them back. 
Option B: 5-6 implants per jaw with a FIXED acrylic denture screwed into the implants. This can only be removed by your dentist every couple years for maintenance. COST=$20,000 per jaw so if you are doing upper and lower, you are looking at $40,000 to $50,000. This is assuming you present with not teeth and don't need bone grafts. If you need bone grafts, the costs could increase by up to an additional $10,000 to $20,000 depending on how much grafting is necessary. 
Option C: If you are missing all your teeth, you can have each tooth replaced and receive a "Hollywood Smile". You are looking at 8 implants per jaw and FIXED porcelain crown and bridge which gives the most beautiful and natural looking results that dentistry has to offer. You are looking at $50,000 per jaw so if you are doing the entire mouth, you should be prepared to spend $100,000 or more. 

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A big investment with big dividends

The phrase full mouth reconstruction can mean so many different things.  Most frequently, it means crowning or otherwise restoring a whole lot of teeth.  This costs a lot of money.  

Most dentists don't do it and very few do it very often.  It takes a lot of thought and planning and doesn't fit into the hectic pace of a typical practice.  If you're going to have it done be sure to choose a dentist you trust completely and who spends a good deal of time on the front end dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.  

The silver lining in the cloud of having to have it done, is it gives a skilled dentist nearly complete freedom to change a lot of aspects of your function and esthetics for the better.

Many times the highest trained and most caring dentists can find ways to segment care to help manage the costs if needed.  Often we can do medium term restorations for all the teeth to keep things stable.  Then you can begin restoring more permanently at a pace that works for you.

Get REALLY clear on how you're going to do it, though.  Once you're in, you're in with this kind of treatment.  If you don't have the financial plan all figured out, something usually comes up in your life to spoil it for you.

Best Wishes!

John Whittemore, DDS
Memphis Cosmetic Dentist
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Full Mouth reconstruction

If you are concerned about cost when doing a full mouth reconstruction, you are probably going to be shocked.  It si a very costly and timely procedure.  There are aonly a certain number of dentists that can perform this procedure and you eed to make sure your dentist ahs the credentials to do so.  Dentists, like any other profession, are not created equal.  Please ensure that you rdentist is qualified. Most often a dentist will perform this procedure all at once and sometimes a dentist feels more comfortable doing one arch at a time (either upper or lower).  It is too difficult to manage the bite if done otherwise. 

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Cosmetic Dentist

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Full Mouth Reconstruction..Do it once. Do it right!

A FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION (FMR) is a great undertaking for both the patient and the doctor. Right off the bat the last thing you should be thinking about is the cheapest way to get it. An FMR that is not doen correctly can cost you twice the amount to fix it. Discuss with your dentist what would be the best option to fit your needs, wants, and finances. Make sure you choose someone who has experience doing these cases and not someone that does it "once in a while". A dentist who has the latest knowlege of Ceramics, Technology, and Esthetics is very important.

Jonathan Abenaim, DMD
Ridgewood Cosmetic Dentist

Full Mouth Reconstruction cost options

A Full Mouth Reconstruction is not a cheap treatment option but when done properly will enhance the function and aesthetics of an individual.  If you are missing some teeth then dental implants are the closest thing you can get that would be the most reliable and feel like your own teeth did. If you are missing multiple teeth then an option of implant supported bridge or implant supported dentures can be done with great success.  If cost is an issue than you can look at removable dentures.  It is difficult to give a cost estimate since there could be dozens of different scenarios.  If you have a budget let your dentist know and he or she can give you the options.

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Cosmetic Dentist

Full Mouth reconstruction

Seek three oppinions to see which plan fits your desires and budget. Example: permanent teeth vs. removeable. Implants and crowns vs. dentures, etc.

Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentist
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Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Cost should never be your primary consideration when having full mouth reconstruction. A true full mouth reconstruction requires a great deal of technical knowledge beyond what is taught in dental school. You will want to ensure that your dentist has experience with full mouth reconstruction. That being said...cost considerations are a real part of life and often must be considered. The least expensive way to completely rebuild a mouth is with full dentures. Next least expensive would be partial dentures, then bridges and the highest quality, most expensive option would be dental implants. Obviously, the treatment can also be a combination of the above.

Each option also comes with varying degrees of maintenance that must be performed for the rehabilitation to provide the longest possible service. 

Good luck! A well-done full-mouth rehabilitation will change your life.

Brad Lockhart, DDS
Tustin Cosmetic Dentist

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