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Aesthetically Ideal Areola Size, How to Calculate

Hi I have noted that aesthetically ideal areola size is cited as being between 35mm and 48mm,or in terms of ratio(nipple:areola:breast) as 1:3:9. which would be a large 5.66mm I am confused as to how to measure that size, given the drastic change in areola size due to cold or stimulation etc. I am curious to know how to make the calculation as I am considering planning towards an improvement following reconstructive surgery. I am 5'10" and a 34D thankyou!

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Make a measurement in a normal setting!

There are multiple tools to match diameters in the OR.Please find an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society using the Smart Beauty Guide. These Plastic Surgeons can guide you on all aspects of facial surgery, breast augmentation and body procedures including tummy tucks or mommy makeovers!

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Areola size


The areola size is not the same for everyone. Usually larger breasts have larger areola.  These can be modified( reduced) in women whose areola are too large.

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What is an aestheticly ideal areola size?


There are no rules with aesthetic opinions.  Areolas can be made any size that you want.  They can be made to be more pointy or more flat.  The important thing is tht you are shown photos of different sizes so that you can choose what you think looks best.  We do look to acheive good symmetry, but sometimes making each areola something slightly different than a perfect circle may look more natural.  Again, this is something to discuss with your surgeon. 

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Aesthetically Ideal Areola Size, How to Calculate


This is a personal matter. There is a wide verity of shapes,sizes and colors to the nipple areolar complex.

Different books different doctors different patients different views.

I usually use a 38 mm diameter for a patient that desires a smaller areola and 42 mm for the one that likes them a little larger!

Good Luck!

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Best areolar size down under?


Dear 89768anon,

I believe that your choice comes down to your preference.  I prefer to use a 38 mm pattern to mark  for areolar diameter.  Your comments speak to the inherent  areolar activity and when operating one has to take these phenomenon into account.  In reconstruction your options may be dictated by your contralateral breast options and willingness to alter another breast to match.   You might tape some appropriately sized washers onto your chest to better illustrate how the different sizes appear to your eye.  This may help you and your plastic surgeon decide what will be best for you.

Good luck

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Areolar size


There is tremendous variation in areola size,as there is in breast size and shape

So the areola size is really a personal choice

It is possible to reconstruct a nipple areola complex fairly accurately in the reconstruction patient,however in the augmentation ,breast reduction and breast lift patient  it is more unpredictable as stretching occurs to varying degrees after surgery

Areolar size will also vary depending on the amount of stretch placed on the areola at the time of measurement during surgery ,As you mentioned the areola is a contractile organ and size will vary with temperature and stimulation

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