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Could I add more chin fillers even if I already had some in for a while?

I'm 15 and my mom is going to let me get chin fillers she already made an appointment. I want to get radiesse I heard it lasts 2 years. The only problem is I plan on studying abroad my senior year, which is in 2 years. So before I go to study abroad can I get fillers injected again even if they aren't dissolved yet?

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Could I add more chin fillers even if I already had some in for a while?

Yes, its absolutely safe to stack filler on top of a previous filler in the hands of an experienced injector to promote a better outcome

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Radiesse for chin

Radiesse can be used as a filler for the chin, but I would not say that it lasts 2 years. I find for most people, it would last a year at the most. It definitely is possible to get more placed before it has all dissolved. There is no harm in doing this.

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