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Can Acutane Prevent Me from Becoming Pregnant?

Can acutane prevent me from becoming pregnant? I had sex without taking any BC pill but am scared i will get pregnant, but later remmember that since am taking ACUTANE it might as well prevent me from getting pregnant. Am i right?

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Accutaine does NOT prevent pregnancy


To be clear, Accutane does not prevent pregnancy.   It is not a form of birth control.   In fact, it is very worrisome to become pregnant while taking Accutane, as the medication causes birth defects.  If you are concerned you are pregnant stop the medication right away and discuss immediately with your doctor. 

New York Dermatologist

Accutane and pregnancy


Accutane does NOT prevent you from getting pregnant. In fact Accutane should only be started after ensuring that the patient is neither pregnant nor has a plan to become pregnant while on Roaccutane therapy and upto one month after discontinuing Roaccuate. Two forms of contraception should be used to ensure that the patient does not get pregnant accidentally as Roaccutane use can cause fetal malformations. Certain forms developed by the manufacturer of Roaccutane need to be signed by the patient to comply with these recommendations.

Pakistan Dermatologist
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