Acne Scar Treatment and Accutane (Photo)

Hi I'm 21and its been about 3 weeks off of accutane and I'm dying to get rid of these awful scars with on my forehead, I also have a line thats a bit curved right in the middle of my forehead.I have had Botox on my forehead to smooth out the line but it didn't do much since i have the ice pick scars on and around the line on my forehead. I know I can't do fraxel or lasers or excisions for a while but i was wondering if maybe fillers is a good option or silicon micro-droplet for my forehead.

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Acne scarring

Please stay away from Silicone microdroplets. I practice in Los Angeles and a week does not go by where I don't see problems with patients who had "microdroplets". Most patients do great but a small percentage develops granulomas and bumps 5-10 years later. These are almost impossible to remove and cause severe deformities.
Please research non surgical lasers such as the Cooltouch 3 laser. The results are very conservative and 5-6 sessions are needed. I usually get about 30% improvement with a series of 5-6 sessions. After 12 months you should consider the Gold Standard for acne scarring: CO2 laser. We offer the Mixto CO2 laser and have perfomed hundreds over the past 16 years. Please visist my FB page. Yours Dr. David R.

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