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Acne Scar with Multiple Skin Problems Treatment Options?

I'd like to do something to make my acne scars less noticeable. What is recommended considering I:

  1. am East Indian (skin type 4);
  2. have vitiligo (nothing on face)--have not noticed any lesions when injuries occur;
  3. fairly deep scars;
  4. would like to avoid invasive/oozy stuff if I can.

Also how long is the recovery with each option? What risks should I be aware of? What are the costs in Chicago area? Thanks.

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Acne scars


Your deep scarring from acne penetrates well into the dermis. Any scar intervention would likely requre a treatment that addresses this. Consequently, these procedures are likely to cause "oozing". Less invasive options such as the Fraxel or Pixel may be of benefit but will produce a less dramatic response. Use of fillers may be beneficial and I have found that fat grafting is useful in diminishing the appearance of these scars.

Overall, it is reasonable to achieve a 30% improvement in the scars but anything more than that may NOT be realistic.

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