Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation and Acne After Second Round of Accutane?

hello and thanks. i went thru a 2 month course of accutane at 16 (now 22) and acne resolved from severe to light. a year ago, i went for scar treatment and was put on it again for the remaining acne (total dosage 1000mg. my weight is 35kg and height is 4'10''- thyroid normal). after my second course the acne didn't diminish fully, i got wrinkles around my temples, and the hyperpigmentation from each pimple seems permanent, which was NEVER the case before. i am so distressed! what should i do?

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Different results from a second round of Accutane

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The body simply responds differently to medications as we age. Additionally, hyperpigmentation can come and go throughout our lives and for no apparent reasons. The wrinkles are from sun damage; wrinkles aren't caused from medications, they are caused from sun. Make sure you are wearing a good sunscreen, every single day, regardless of if you're on Accutane or not. Additionally, you might have some different skin texture simply from the dryness associated with Accutane; make sure you're using a good moisturizer. The hyperpigmentation may need to be treated with a topical hydroquinone or perhaps a laser treatment, or it may go away on its own given enough time. Meet with your dermatologist and go over all of these concerns.

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