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Accutane Vs Red and Blue Light Therapy?

I had several side effects from Claravis (generic accutane) after a month and had to go off for trying to control VERY oily skin and moderate cystic hormonal 42 year old acne.

I am debating whether to try the Accutane again (via the dermatologist suggestion) or buy the Quasar red and blue light therapy or Tanda machine. Can you advise?

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Other options besides accutane

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Its hard to say but there are other option. of course: photodynamic therapy with levulan, spironolactone, birth control. Blue light therapy, with or without levulan or another photosensitizing agent, may give improvement but does require a time commitment for blue light alone on your end (twice weekly/ 20 minutes per treatment). I am a big fan of alternating blue and red light for treating both the acne and the redness from the inflammation. Being siad, there is also a great place for isotretinoin..

My hunch is that you need to have blood work done to check your hormone levels/ ensure you dont have PCOS....too much for this forum but the best advice is to see a dermatologist!

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