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Skin Pain Since Tummy Tuck 4 Years Ago

i had abdominoplasty 4 years ago and have had skin pain ever since. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fm. Abdominoplasty done in 2006 and have gained 20 pounds. I have terrible skin pain feeling as though my skin is being pulled off my body in all areas where lipo was done. This pain started immediatly after surgery but admittedly has increased with weight gain. I have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and am in pain most of the time. It helps to wear compression garment but I can't wear it 24/7. Is there anything I can do, and what is causing this?

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Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Atypical Pain for 4 Years

I have performed hundreds of Tummy Tucks and have never encountered a case such as yours. I truly regret your condition. Your pain is classified as ATYPICAL PAIN and cannot be explained by your Tummy Tuck 4 years ago. In case you have not done so already, you should be seen by a Pain Specialist, evaluated and treated.
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Pain 4 years afetr tumm tuck


This is highly unuusal and should be looked into. There may be several explanations including  nerve entrapment. Ulimtately it cloudl

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