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Abdominal Liposuction with the INVASIX Radiofrequency-assisted Method?

I had abdominal liposuction with the INVASIX radiofrequency method. After the surgery I was instructed to wear a girdle. The problem is the girdle was excessively tight, to the point of breathlessness, intense stomach pain and acid reflux. On the third day post-surgery, I found myself absolutely suffering, so I bought an around-the-waist girdle, with powerful velcro, which my husband fitted very tightly around me. Will this bear the same tightening results as the liposuction girdle?

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Pressure garments after liposuction should not be too tight.

Most surgeons have their patients where a compressive garment after liposuction. The magnitude of the pressure is not nearly as important as continuity over time. The garment to go on easily and apply consistent mild pressure. Tight garments can create isolated depressions and possibly a tourniquet effect.

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Garments should be comfortably snug and not so tight they cause pain or numbness.  More important is to make sure the garment isn't causing creases or folds in the swollen postop tissues.  It should be snug and smooth.  Check with your surgeon, he will want to know.

Compression Garments after Liposuction

   Compression garments should be approved by your plastic surgeon.  I give everyone the compression garments so that I know what they are wearing.  I recommend wearing these garments as instructed for 4 to 6 weeks to optimize final contours.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Postoperative garment

You should be fine with your new garment- the purpose of this "girdle" is to minimize motion between the skin and the underlying muscle while healing occurs- pressure should be firm but not excessively uncomfortable.

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