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Am I a candidate for butt fat transfer?

I am in toronto and am interested in fat transfer to my butt. Do I have enough to make a significant difference???

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Candidate for a Brazilian butt lift


To be a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift, you need to have fat. Now, how much fat you have and how this translates into the size of the buttocks you want will depend on a physical examination. The picture that you offer is a back view, which doesn't tell me exactly how much fat you have. Now, to have significant results in your buttocks, I typically inject at least 650 cc of fat into each buttock; that is, 1.5 L of fat. Whenever I assess a body to determine potential candidates for surgery, more views are needed including the back view, side view, and front view. Ultimately, nothing can replace a physical exam. This video will clarify some of your questions regarding who is a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift.

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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You can have butt fat transfer

yes it looks like you have sufficient amount of fat in your love handles that can be used.  A side and front picture to show your abdomen would also be helpful.
The main question is, how much fat are you hoping to transfer to your buttocks?  you already seem to have very nicely shaped butt, so the question is how much bigger want to go, and what shape are you looking for.  These are questions that are best answered in a consultation.  At that time you would have the opportunity to discuss your desired goals and learn about the procedure and it's benefits.
Martin Jugenburg

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Good candidate for buttock augmentation with autologous fat


Your photo indicates that you have significant fat in the lateral flank and sacral areas (the sides and mid-portion of the lower back). These are good donor areas for fat to use for buttock augmentation. The natural curves of the lower back and buttock area are enhanced by liposuction of these donor areas in combination with lipo-augmentation of the buttocks. See the web reference for an example of improvement of this aesthetic area after fat transfer.

Robert C. Langdon, MD
Guilford Dermatologic Surgeon
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