What's the Strongest Glycolic Acid Solution for Olive Complexion?

The technician told me that you need to start out slowly, but I think it was just a waste of $150.

My skin is really non irritating and .01% Retin-A does not affect me at all. If I do this treatment again, I will insist that she use a stronger solution or leave it on longer. What is the strongest you can go with out causing damage? How long can it be left on?

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Glycolic acid peels are really light peels.

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It might be that you expected more from this light peel than it could deliver. Even at higher strengths (I use 50-70% on myself and I am of Italian descent,) Glycolic acid peels are light peels offering little improvement in most cases when done alone. They need to be done in a series or with other treatments to improve more. I use them for maintenance and oil/acne control mainly.

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