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i am trying to find a perfect skin lightening cream but i am woried about safety. i want a cream that fades and bleaches skin but with out givin me cancer! what do you recomend to your pateints for skin fading??

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Bleaching cream

Although hydroquinone is very effective for bleaching the skin, it recently was a subject of controversy amongst dermatologists because the FDA issued a warning regarding it's safety. Many hydroquinone products as a result are either off the market or prescribed off label. The safety issues regarding hydroquinone for skin bleaching are controversial but as a patient you should be informed of this issue before taking. There are still some bleaching products on the market that the FDA has not "banned" such as Triluma. I would suggest you discuss these issues with your dermatologist to see his feelings toward this issue.

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Hydroquinone for facial lightening

Hydroquinone is an effective tyrosinase inhibitor that works at the melanocyte level. It is effective in reducing uneven skin tone and restoring a normal, balanced complexion to the skin.

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Non hydroquinone lightning cream.

Finding the perfect skin brightener can be a challenge. Every individual has a different level of depth of melasma  that can cause noticeable pigment.  Continued use of hydroquinone is not recommended. There is a product that has been proven effective without the use of hydroquinone called Lytera by Skin Medica. This product can be used continually with no harsh side effects and has effective results on lightning melasma. It is aways recommended to see a professional to determine the correct skin care regime for your specific skin concerns.

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