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Could You Recommend an Expert in Alar Base Reconstruction?

Over a year ago, I had an Alar base reduction, with one side having too much excised, leaving one nostril with no Alar base left at all.

I am wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a surgeon who might specialize in this type of thing, or at least is considered somewhat of an expert in this type of revision/reconstruction of the nose and Alar base.

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Revision of your alar base may be a difficult procedure.


I'm concerned that you have "no alar base at all" on one side after Rhinoplasty Surgery. I would be happy to make specific recommendations if you would like to email photos and descriptions of your concerns.

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

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West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restoring the alar base in rhinoplasty


Restoring an over-done alarplasty is a difficult procedure. You should seek out a revision rhinoplasty specialist. I don't know anyone in Dallas but Dr. Russel Kridel in Houston has extensive experience in both revision rhinoplasty as well as alarplasty.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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