Non Invasive Procedures Available for Sagging Jowls or Neck?

Are there non-invasive procedures available for sagging jowls or neck? If so, what is the cost and healing time? I'm looking for results that Lifestyle Lift claims, but a procedure individualized for me.

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Non Invasive Correction Of Sagging Jowls And Neck

Thank you for your question. There are many non invasive skin tightening procedures available including Thermage, LuxIR Deep, Titan, Ulthera and others. The problem is that the best results achieve only about 20% skin tightening.

Young patients with very early small amounts of jowl and neck laxity can see some improvement with non surgical methods. However significant loose jowl and neck skin are best corrected with a Face and Neck lift.

Be careful choosing a heavily marketed named lift such as the Lifestyle Lift.

The most important thing for you is the expertise and experience of your surgeon-not the name of the lift.

See a Plastic Surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Treatment of sagging jowls and neck

By far and away, the best treatment for jowls and neck laxity is a properly done real facelift by a real plastic surgeon. All other treatments including Thermage, Titan, lasers, peels, mini lifts, and branded mini lifts (like the Lifestyle lift) are expensive and fall far short and can even cause uncorrectable problems. It is your face and you only get one good opportunity for a great result!

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