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Doctor in PA Who Does Neograft Hair Transplant?

Could you please let me know of doctors in PA who do Neograft on hair? Thanks!

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There are only two permanent hair replacement techniques.

 One if hair transplant. The other is the Fleming-Mayer flap technique. You should look into both by surgeons who do these to determine if they will give you what you want. Go by the results, not the name.

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ISHRS has a list of hair transplant doctors all around the world.  There should be many in your area.  
If you are seeking a doctor who has the Neograft instrument, you can search the Neograft website.

Neograft is a company that makes the instrument for harvesting a hair follicle.
The Neograft terminology is often misused as a type or the name of a surgical technique.
However, "Neograft" tool is just another instrument in carrying out the FUE method of harvesting of hair.

If you are seeking a doctor who has the Neograft instrument, you can search the Neograft website.

Jae Pak, MD
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Two docs

That do NeoGraft in PA are Dr. Brian Heil in Pittsburgh and Dr. Paul Glat outside Philadelphia.  Both are excellent board certified plastic surgeons.

Tim Neavin, MD
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Neograft Operator

Yes, it is very operator dependent.  We are starting to see Neograft used by clinics run by gynecolgists and family doctors.  Its a side thing some clinics do vs the main thing other clinics do. I think everyone should set a minimum criteria but we like the idea of always checking the training of your doctor online with the state medical board.  Also look at the websites.  Do you want the lipo doc or hormone therapy doc also doing your hair?  It is your call. Just look into all the details first.

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist
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Neograft: To Use or Not To Use

I am personal friends with the Neograft people. They are also sponsoring a course that I am course director for on hair restoration in a week or two in St. Louis. I think with any technology, it is very operator dependent. Hair restoration is an art and a science. I am constantly exploring new ways to achieve better results in my patients.

I would say that I have no personal experience with the product. In short, it is a machine that harvests hairs from the back of the head using some kind of suction device. I would say that in theory it sounds attractive.

I think what is so important is you find a surgeon who has extensive experience with hair restoration with a proven technique that can demonstrate to you care and attention for every facet of the procedure from understanding hair loss (when to operate and when not to operate), medical management of hair loss (what when and how to treat), hairline design (gender, ethnicity, age, degree of hair loss, how much donor hair available), donor harvesting (care with tumescence, minimizing transection, minimal donor scar, possible trichophytic closure), graft dissection (handling and dissection are so very critical), recipient site pattern (density, shape, angles), graft placement (atraumatic insertion, placing the grafts at the right angle, right graft to site fit), etc.

All of these criteria are what I would look for when interviewing a surgeon about his/her results. Care more about results than just focusing on a brand or a technology no matter how good it may or may not be.



Samuel Lam, MD
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Neograft in Elkton, MD near PA/DE state lines

Our practice offers hair restoration using the Neograft system. Feel free to call my office at (410) 398-3445 to schedule a consultation at your convenience to learn if you are a good candidate and the advantages.

David V. Martini, MD
Elkton Facial Plastic Surgeon

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