Male Body Builder Chest Fat

Not sure if I have gyno and I've never taken steroids but I've got a well trained chest. My chest does have some fat puffiness and I look alot like some doctor's "before" patients for gyno. Instead of surgery, I wonder if I should take something to lower my estrogen?

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Body Builder and gynecomastia

Many of my gynecomastia are very actice and in fact, many are body builders. This is very frustrating as they are working so hard to maintain an ourstanding physique. With all of my patients, the goal is to remove excess, unwanted fat and breast tissue with scars that are as close invisible as possible. 

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Chest Fat in a Male Bodybuilder

Gynecomastia is more common than many people think, occurring transiently in 30 - 70% of men as they go through adolescence.  The majority of cases resolve--up to 95%. But even 5% of 30% is a big number, and if the condition doesn't resolve after puberty, it may persist as glandular or fatty tissue in spite of a rigorous training program and full pectoral development.  This can result in puffiness of the nipple as well as general fullness in the lower chest.  Hormone levels in most instances are normal, since the problem really developed long ago.  Therefore, hormonal manipulation, such as lowering estrogen, will have no effect and might have other side-effects.  If gynecomastia is a late development outside of puberty, then an evaluation is necessary to rule out other causes. If it's related to steroid use, then the cause is readily apparent, and perhaps stopping the drug will allow for resolution.  In most cases, however, if the gynecomastia is well established, surgery is required to correct it.

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Hormone levels with gynecomastia


If you have questions about your hormone levels, you should first seek evaluation by your primary care physician or an endocrinologist to verify your endogenous hormone levels first.

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See a surgeon first

I don't think taking pills will help. First, you should consult with a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon to determine what is causing your gynecomastia. It could either be fat or glandular tissue, or loose skin. Then, an appropriate treatment plan can be designed for you.

Male Body Builder Chest Fat

There are no known effective medications for gynecomastia treatment.  See a board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation and recommendations.  Good luck and be safe.

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Hormonal Therapy Will Not Be Effective For You; Subcutaneous Mastectomy Necessary


                  It’s not unusual for weight lifters to develop gynecomastia. This may occur for a variety of reasons including the use of anabolic steroids and dietary supplements. In addition, hypertrophy of the pectoralis muscles and lowering of body fat percentages can make existing gynecomastia more noticeable.

                  This group of patients is very sensitive to body image and for this reason gynecomastia represents a significant problem. Although the idea of hormonal therapy sounds attractive, it would not be effective in this group of patients since the majority have normal hormone levels.

                  In the vast majority of weight lifters, a subcutaneous mastectomy will be necessary. When this problem occurs patients should discontinue any steroids or dietary supplements that they may be taking. Consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon would also be appropriate. 

Chest fat in a male bodybuilder


In the male bodybuilding population, we can see patients to have access of fat or tissue in the nipple area area in some of these patients who are very thin or have a low fat density, it is important to determine if this tissue is the result of medications or other chemicals. The patient should be counseled on this and encouraged to avoid such medications. In male breast reduction patients, we can often easily excised this tissue in a small procedure using local anesthesia and a small incision around the base of the areola.

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Self-Treatment for Gynecomastia not a good idea

Treating yourself is really not a good idea. This is true EVEN if you are a doctor.

If you are bothered by your appearance, see a Plastic surgeon ( He could explain to you what your options may be.

In general Gyno / Gynecomastia (Men breasts, moobs etc) is extremely common and does not have a ready diagnosis. Moreover, in some cases where a diagnosis does exist it can be caused by MANY factors and disorders , only some of which are related to increased estrogens.

I would NOT take ANY medication without a full workup and without a doctor's permission. doing is is needlessly dangerous and you may be treating a condition which is NOT the cause of YOUR Gyno, IF you have one.

Dr. P. Aldea

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Hormones and body builders

Treating gynecomastia with hormones when it is not indicated is a bad thing. If you are concerned about hormone levels, I would see an endocrinologist. More than likely it is not a hormone problem.  It may be amenable to surgical procedures such as liposuction or direct excision.

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