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Laproscopic Stoma Revision Possible After Gastric Bypass?

I had the laparoscopic RNY Gastric Bypass in March 2002. I have recently had weight regain due to an enlarged stoma. My stomach (pouch) is still of normal size as it was post op but I have lost my sense of fullness due to the enlarged stoma. I eat small amounts but I do not stay full for long at all. My current bariatric surgeon is not offering any type of revision surgery currently. I feel depressed. I live in the New England area.

Is anyone offering revision surgery of the stoma? If so, can it be done laparoscopically?

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Gastric bypass stoma revision

We offer two options for revision of the stoma.  One is the ROSE procedure done completely endoscopically and the other is placement of the Lap-Band over the gastric bypass which has the best results because we can tighten and control the band for the rest of your life.

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