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Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty?

Do gyn doctors also do this type of surgery? Is it covered by insurance or is it only done with cash?

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Labiaplasty and insurance


In my experience, insurance coverage of a labiaplasty is very unusual. The insurance company needs evidence of medical necessity which is difficult to prove.

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Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty?


Unless there is a medical necessity with large labia then insurance carriers will not cover the expense of labiaplasty.  All of our labiaplasties are self-pay.

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Insurance to cover labiaplasty?


Short Answer: NO

Long Answer: maybe... but far and away this is the exception. There would have to be a history of medical treatment for problems related to large labia minora... 

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Labiaplasty and insurance coverage


Labiaplasty is usually not covered by your medical insurance.  However, there are always exceptions.  I would speak to your plastic surgeon about insurance coverage for this area. 

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Labiaplasty not covered by insurance


We have never had a patient succeed in getting labiaplasty covered by insurance.  Insurance companies may not weigh in on whether it is medically necessary or cosmetic, but may simply say that is not a covered benefit.

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Insurance coverage for labiaplasty


Labiaplasty is a surgical technique to reduce the amount of skin and mucosal tissue in the labia of a female patient. This procedure is almost always considered cosmetic procedure and is rarely covered by insurance. However, every insurance plan is different. Your plastic surgeon can create a preauthorization letter for your insurance plan to see if they will cover this surgery for you.

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Labiaplasty not usually covered by insurance


Labiaplasty is not usually covered by health insurance particularly not when a plastic surgeon performs it. Some GYNs will do it as an insurance procedure or so I have been told.

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Insurance coverage and labiaplasty


Yes, Gynecologists do perform this surgery.

However, a year ago their society American College of Obstetrics and Gyneocology (ACOG) came out with a position statement in 2007 that stated vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures " "are not medically indicated, nor is there documentation of their safety and effectiveness."

Many insurance companies have used this as justification to deny coverage. However, this depends on the insurance carrier and the provisions of your benefit coverage.

As a plastic surgeon, I and my specialty are relatively comfortable with performing elective procedures that are not necessarily medically necessary but that do provide the patient with tremendous satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver these services with realistic expectations and with relatively low risk. However, any procedure does carry risk.

You could consdier going in for a consultation to have a predetermination of benefits letter prepared and submitted to your insurance carrier to discover the possibility of coverage. Providers will typically charge for this service.

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Labiaplasty is usually considered a cosmetic procedure


Labiaplasty is performed by both gynecologists and plastic surgeons. It is usually considered to be a cosmetic procedure and it is rare to get it covered by insurance.

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