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What Would an Endoscopic Mid-face Lift Correct?

I understand that they place some of the incisions inside the mouth and above the ear. Will this endoscopic mid-face lift help jowls?

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Minimally invasive Mid-face lift with Endoscope


As others have already pointed out, a mid-face lift does not address the lower face or jowls. A traditional face lift, or variation, will help treat the jowl area and neck.

Mid-face plastic surgery helps rejuvenate the nasolabial fold, midface volume loss, and tear-trough deformity, and nasojugal fold of aging. The mid-face is the cheek area from the lower eyelid to the lower jaw. As with other facial areas, there is loss of volume and sagging tissue in the mid-face which results in an aged appearance.

The mid-face may be treated non-surgically with injectable fillers. Plastic surgery for the mid-face typically involves incisions inside the mouth and in the scalp, to pull up sagging tissue. An endoscope (small camera) may be used during surgery to minimize incision size. Alternatively, a cheek implant may be used to augment the cheek for midface rejuvenation.

Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon determine the most appropriate option for you. Best of luck.

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MIdface lift usually does not help jowls


As an experienced endoscopic mid-face lift surgeon, I can say that in most cases it does not affect the jowl area. The primary areas affected are the periorbital (around the eye) and cheek areas.

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Midface lift


An endoscopic mid face lift is designed to specifically address your cheeks, nasolabial folds, and to some degree, the area below your eyes. It is an effective procedure under the proper circumstances, but, the procedure does have potential complications you will need to ask your surgeon about. Unfortunately, the lower face (jowls) will not be modified by mid face procedures and you will need a mini or full facelift for these areas.

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Mid-face lifts do not correct jowls


Endoscopic midface lift corrects the decsent of the malar fat pad and improves nasolabial folds. This returns volume back to the cheek prominence. I would not expect improvement in jowls with this operation. Jowls are in the lower face. Correcting jowls would require some type of facelift (not a midface lift).

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Midface Lift and Jowls


A midface lift is designed to lift the malar fat pad (cheek pad or tissues of the midface) to a higher position.  It does not impact the jowl area or the neck.  

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Midface lift provides minimal help for jowls


Endoscopic midface lift will re-suspend the cheeks up to a higher position, which will only minimally help the jowls. Jowls are best addressed through comprehensive face/neck lift, which addresses both the jowls of the neck, excess fat above and below the platysma muscle. A face/neck lift also involves tightening of the platysma muscle in the front and the back portion of the neck, and in front of the zygomatic arch along the cheekbone.

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Goals of Midface Lift


The midface lift is used to improve the area beneath the eyes, from the lower orbital margin to the corner of the mouth. It does little or nothing for the jowls. There are many techniques used to achieve this lift; endoscopy is one of them. Your surgeon should explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Endoscopic Midface Lift for Jowls


Ah, I love to hear of surgeons trying to make something simple really difficult. Okay a midface lift is very straightforward via many different incisions. Using endoscopic equipment turns a simple operation into a technology cumbersome exercise. But I digress. The simple answer is no, a midface lift will not adequately correct jowling.

Jowling is due to descent of the SMAS or superficial muscular aponeurotic system. This is a relatively superficial layer of tissue under the skin. A midface lift moves the deepest facial tissues up. The SMAS will initially move up with it but shortly after surgery will return to its presurgical level.

The only way to really correct jowling is, in my opinion, an extended SMAS elevation facelift.

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Endoscopic midface lift


The jowls may be helped with a midface lift done endoscopically. However, you may need some aspect of a regular facelift that actually removes excess skin and allows access to the tissues underlying the jowls so that the jowls can be maximally lifted. Check out some before and after photos of facelifts to be sure that you're comfortable with your choice of procedures. Good luck!

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Endoscopic Facelift Face Neck Rejuvenation


Question: What would an endoscopic mid-face lift correct?

Answer: An endoscopic mid-face lift is employed to elevate the malar (cheekbone region) and sub-malar (mid-face sagging depression) regions. In selected cases, this procedure is useful. More often, however, the lower facial jowl sagging and the neck soft tissue sagging is of greater importance in corrective face/neck rejuvenation procedures. The endoscopic mid-face lift may be a useful adjunct. However, well-performed face/neck lift may obviate the need for a mid-face endoscopic procedure.

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