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Is Deep FX or Dermabrasion Better for Lip Lines?

I am scheduled for Active FX / Deep FX to remove wrinkles and improve skin discoloration due to sun damage. Would I have a better result to use Dermabrasion above my lip and Total FX on the rest of my face and neck?

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Both Deep FX and Dermabrasion are good, it's about the downtime


Dermabrasion is the gold standard to get rid of lip lines. While no treatment will get rid of EVERY wrinkle it has been shown that demabrasion will get the greatest reduction. That being said the downtine from a good and thorough demabrasion is a lot longer than most fractional laser treatments. I tell my patients that a 2-3 treatment session of fractional CO2 laser will get a 50-60% reduction in the wrinkles and have a 1 week downtime max. Dermabrasion may get rid of 70-80% of the wrinkles but have a 2-4 week downtime.

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