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The corners of my mouth are dropping. I know there is a procedure called Commissure Lift, but I don't know any doctors who do that. Does anybody know any doctors who do this procedure? I live in the Montreal area and I travel to New York often for business.

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Corner lip lift


Yes, these are procedures that, along with the upper lip lift, can rejuvenate the lip to appear more youthful and / or take care of the droop that can sometimes occur along what we call the oral commissure.

The procedure essentially involves the making of a triangular shaped excision of skin along the outer aspects of the corners of the mouth. The result is a reduction of the marionette downturn lines by anywhere from 40 to as much as 70% or so, in my experience of performing these procedures over the past 10 years or so. In fact, just this week I saw a patient of mine on whom I did this procedure 8 years ago, and she looks quite good. As the lines returned somewhat, she gets the occasional Radiesse or Perlane to fill these.

Please feel free to send some photos.

Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Upper lip lift and/or augmentation doctor


There are various procedures described to raise either the corner of the mouth or the entire upper lip. The decision as to which procedure to perform depends on whether the objective of the surgery is to raise slanting of the upper lip, or to accentuate the volume of the upper lip. Incisions are made at junction of the red lip and skin. An important factor to take into account, is that scars remain visible for up to 2 years post-surgery.

Best of luck and do not hesitate to call my office for more information. 


Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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Commisure lifts for lifting the corner or angle of the mouth.


It may be that you are not searching under the proper terms. These are also known as "lip lifts" or "corner lifts" or "valentine lift". Search under these terms and you may be able to find surgeons in your area who perform these procedures.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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