Male with Small Double Chin - Best Chin Liposuction Technique is Better?

I'm a 37 year old male with a small double chin. I'm about 13% body fat and it's a low as I'd like to go. A recommended UK doctor suggested a single incision under the chin and Vaser Liposuction for the fat under the chin. My second consultation with another respected doctor suggested more tightening would occur with Smart Lipo (Laser) with two incisions by the ear. In addition to targeting under the chin, he would also go along the jaw/cheek to the corner of the mouth. Two different approaches and cheek lipo worried me. Does this sound right?

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Tumescent Liposuction of Neck

It’s not unusual for patients to become confused because of the large number of liposuction techniques that are currently available. Many of these techniques are legitimate, but many are plays on words that are intended to make something look new, better or more advanced for marketing purposes.

Your pictures suggest a relatively minor accumulation of fat in your neck area.  Under these circumstances, tumescent liposuction of your neck is appropriate. More aggressive procedures might expose you to unnecessary risk.

The surgeon’s qualifications are more important than the instrument that’s utilized by the surgeon. For this reason, it’s important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience performing this type of procedure.

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Minimal, safest chin liposuction is best for thin person with small double chin

You have a very small double chin with minimal fat. The best chin liposuction technique for you is limited to the neck area beneath your chin.

You do not need liposuction along the jaw, mouth and jowl area.

Placing a liposuction cannula through the corner of the mouth or from the jaw up to the corner of the mouth is DANGEROUS and in my opinion should not be done. Two very important nerves, the Marginal Mandibular Nerves run from the jaw bone up to the corner of the mouth -if they are injured your mouth will be paralyzed.

In my experience SlimLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction has given me excellent results in thin persons like you who have a small double chin. The reason I prefer the laser is that the laser melts the fat and thus the liquid fat can be removed with very small cannulas-2.5 millimeters. The laser fiber itself is very tiny. The other benefit is the heat from the laser helps tighten the skin after the fat is removed.

This is done through one tiny puncture wound under the chin.

Laser liposuction is new and many doctors do not use it and believe it has no advantage. I have used the SlimLipo device for four years-helped with the FDA Approval Studies and have had excellent results.

For photos of SlimLipo results and a discussion of the benefits of the technique see the link below

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Experience is Everything

The number and location of your incisions are decided by your surgeon based on the amount, location and accessibility of the fat. As far as which technique to choose depends entirely on your doctor’s experience with that particular machine. These are machines which try to shrink the skin with lasers or ultrasound. The actual suctioning of the fat is no different than conventional liposuction techniques.

  • However, the incisions may be larger and these cannulas have larger calibers.

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Different Chin liposuction techniques

When addressing the fat under the chin, there are many options in the types of liposuction that may be used. The most common techniques we use in our practice include tumescent liposuction and ultrasound liposuction. These techniques allow for an efficient removal of fat and the ultrasound liposuction can also help minimize discomfort and bruising.

In your case, I would recommend ultrasound liposuction

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Lipo for double chin

Both of those techniques are used for your problem, and both can improve you. The practice of medicine is part science and part art. Therefore, each physician may have a different approach, both of which may lead to a good result. You should go with the physician you feel most comfortable with, as both of these are accepted techniques.

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Forget Vaser and Smart Lipo.


These are marketing terms of no use to you at all.  You look like an ideal candidate for simple liposuction of the neck and chin.  It will get rid of the bulge, takes 30 minutes, and you are back at work in 5 days or less.

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Chin Liposuction Techniques

I feel that the operator of the device ( surgeon) is far more important than the device itself.  I personally perform chin lipo with a regulat tumescent lipo technique and am pleased with my results.  Ask to see pre- and post-op photos rather than being sold on a particular machine.

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I prefer The Acculift procedure with the Accusculpt laser for neck liposuction

 I personally feel that the more specific trageting of fat that the Accusculpt laser provides gives the best results that I have been able to chieve for neck/chin liposuction.

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Ultrasonic versus laser assited lipolysis for neck and chin.

I do not know and I am not sure if there is any study showing that laser lipolysis casues any more skin contraction than the Vaser (ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty). If you are concerned about the cheeks, do not have it performed. This requires meticulous attention to detail. In my opinion, these are roughly equivalent technologies and you are experiencing differences in opinion not necessarily fact.

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Three incisions better than one

I would prefer using the SMART liposuction technique with an incision below the ear lobes as well as one under the chin.  You get better definition of the jaw line and better tightening of the neck.  The more tissue in the adjacent area that gets treated with the laser energy, the more synergy in lifting the neck,.

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