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Can Local Plastic Surgeons Handle Buttock Revisions to GAP Donor Site?

I had bilateral SGAP Breast Reconstruction in August. I had to travel to have it done. I have an open wound on my breast and so I'm not ready for Stage II. However, I don't want to wait to get a more comfortable contour to my behind. Can a local plastic surgeon with extensive buttock Lipo experience (but not with GAP donor site) handle this or are there medical issues unique to a GAP that would require me to go to a microvascular surgeon? The scars look fine, I just want to get rid of the uncomfortable "tail" and shape things up a bit.

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SGAP Donor Sites Are NOT Tricky to Recontour


Sure, any experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can revise your SGAP donor site.  However, I would caution against haste.  You still have an open wound on your chest?  Was your procedure just done in August?  I recommend waiting a minimum of 6-12 months before revision surgery.

Ventura Plastic Surgeon
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Revision surgery after GAP flap


 Gap flaps use the gluteal tissue on a perforating blood vessel usually for breast reconstruction. It is a good option for people with not a lot of abdominal tissue.  A local surgeon certainly can do a scar revision or liposuction to improve the buttock contour.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Local surgeon for revisional surgery


Revisional surgery for that area should be no problem for a local plastic surgeon. The problem you may run into is insurance coverage and/or insurance reimbursement acceptance from a different plastic surgeon than the one who did the original procedure. We plastic surgeons are that way sometimes.

Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock revision for free flap donor site


The butock region for you is no longer an area that requires microvascular expertise. However, you should let all swelling go down for 4-6 months before any revision and probably have it done where the free flaps were done at the time of the second stage. Having done thousands of breast reconstructions, I can tell you that nobody wants a better result for you than the doctor who performs your free flap.

Web reference:

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock revisions to GAP donor site


Surgeons vary in their abilities and cosmetic "eye". You may have great and talented local Plastic surgeons where you live and would not need to travel to have this done.

I would advise you to wait at least 6 months though to allow this area to heal, mature and settle down. The "uncomfortable "tail" " you are referring to feels this way because it is still inflammed, when it softens up it may not feel nor look as prominent. Based on your examination in March of next year, you may need nothing done, may need liposuction to define your pre-scaral V zone and upper curves of the buttocks and hips or a buttock lift.

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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