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When to Have Breast Implants After Breast Feeding?

How long after do you need to wait after you stop breast feeding to have breast implants?

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Timing for Breast Augmentation following Breast feeding

I recommend waiting until your breasts are back to baseline which takes several months following breast feeding. I would recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months and 1 year is even better.

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Breast feeding and implants


The best time to get breast augmentation after breast feeding is when the breasts go back to normal and the engorgement dissipates. This may take several months. I would wait 4-6 months at least.

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Breast Augmentation after Breast Feeding


Everyone is different and it really depends on how your body reacts.  Ideally you want to wait until your breasts have decreased in size and are not engorged.  This may take anywhere from 3-6 months from the time you stop breast feeding.

Hope that answers your question.

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When to have Breast Implants after Breast Feeding


Once you have stopped breast feeding it is important to wait until your breast size and shape has stabilized. Also you should typically be about 6mo from your delivery date. Once you have recovered from your pregnancy and your breast shape is stable, then consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to go over your options and the surgical process. The other issue to consider is whether or not you are planning on having more children.

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Breast implants after breast feeding


It is not only a question of time but also a question of dealing with a stable breast volume and envelope.

I would wait until your are not only no longer lactating but also until your breasts size have come done and reached a stable size as well as any droopiness of the breast has become stable. Doing a breast augmentation before would result not only in picking an implant that may be too small but also in missing potential sagging that may need to be addressed. I would recommend a minimum or 4-6 months.

I hope this was helpful.

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Wait 3-6 months following breast feeding before breast augmentation


Although there is no exact answer, I feel a general concensus exists among plastic surgeons who recommend waiting 3-6 months following breast feeding. Proceeding sooner than this can cause you to develop a condition called galactorrhea (increase in lactation). This can lead to problems which can include delayed wound healing and infections.

Waiting the recommended 3-6 months will decrease your risk of complications and give you the opportunity to achieve the most predictable results.

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Breast augmentation should wait six months after breast feeding


During breast feeding your breast may feel full and firm and you may be very happy with the shape and volume. Augmentation thoughts can arise out of concern that all will be lost after breast feeding has been discontinued. Augmentation can maintain the volume and feel, and if you wish to stay just as you are it can be quite helpful to have several pictures of your breast (if you are courageous enough) to guide your surgeon to this goal when you are ready for augmentation. You can find pictures of others as well that match the result that you are looking for that can serve the same purpose. You will not be ready for augmentation until approximately six months after you stop breast feeding. This will give the breast sufficient time to reach a baseline, or a normal state so that the augmentation result will most accurately reflect your wishes. You may have to pad out your bra while the wait is on however it will give the best chance that the implant chosen does not become relatively too small as milk production stops.

Best of luck,


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Wait After Breast Feeding to do Augmentation


I usually tell patients to wait about three months after the cessation of breast feeding. It is good however to see the plastic surgeon during breast feeding if you like the size of your breasts. He may take pictures that later will give him an idea of the way you want to look.

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Surgery after breast feeding


I ask my patients to wit at least 3 months after there is no more milk production. The goal is to allow your breasts to come to a more baseline state in terms of size and volume. The other aspect is the rare patient who will occasionally begin lactating again from the stimulation of the surgery and post-operative massage. There are also reports in our literature of women developing collections of breast milk around the implant although I have not personally seen this. The board-certified plastic surgeon who you chose to take care of you will review with you what their thoughts are. Best of luck.

Dr Ewdards

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How long after lactation to consider breast implants


There is no definitiive answer but many surgeons wait 4 months following cessation of lactation. Putting implants in prior to that may increase the potential for galactorrhea (lactation) or possible cause an increase in the potential for a biofilm formation if transecting breast tissue. IF proceeding sooner, most surgeons would approach the breast from the crease.

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