Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Silver City, New Mexico?

I am living in Silver City New Mexico. I would like to know, how much will it cost to have Brazilian Butt Lift to remove the fat off my tummy and put it on my butt?

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Brazilian Buttock Enhancement


The cost should not be the determining factor, yet it is important.

Also remember that to get a super result youmay have to have liposuction to the flanks and posterior thigh in addition to your stomach to define the buttock better, and define the curves.

You may have other options as well.

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How much Does it Cost?

Hi there-
The costs will vary, with the number of areas being suctioned and the time it takes to do the surgery, as well as the reputation and experience of the surgeon and the geographic area you live in (in other words, things are more expensive in some parts of the country than in others...).
I would also caution you that, especially with regard to procedures that are as dependent on technique as the BBL is, you should not choose a surgeon based on cost, but based on their ability to keep you safe and achieve the goals you have for your appearance.
You can read more about how to choose a surgeon here:

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