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How to Get a D Cup with Breast Implants?

Am 5'9 B cup wish to be a D. After breastfeeding, have very small,empty B cup. Have had consultation and have choice of 390cc or 430cc implants. I am 5'9 tall athletic build, slim with broad shoulders and 36 B. I am having sub muscular implants but what cc's will give me a D cup?

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How to Get a D Cup with Breast Implants


Given you numbers, I would be inclined to recommend the 430 cc but would prefer a full examination and sizing int order to provide a more definite answer.

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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D cup


To size you up for implants takes a physcial exam and discussion of your goals.  Everyone carries the volume a bit differently and the bras do not always correlate to the volume.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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