Is a 457 moderate silicone implant adequate to increase your cup two sizes

I am medium built 5'4" 137 lbs with a 34c (small c). Will 457 silicone imolants increase my cup to DD? If not what would you recommend?

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Probably, but cup size is not standardized

Hi there - it's likely that the size range will reach your goals.  However, it's important to note that cup size is not standardized among bra companies, and gets less and less reliable above C cup size.  Be sure to discuss your goals with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and they will help make sure you reach them.

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That should be adequate volume to increase you to that cup size!

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Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee a cup size.  Cup sizes are not standardized for bras so a DD in one brand or style could be different in another.  Also keep in mind that a 457 moderate silicone implant in your body isn't going to look the same in someone else's.  How much larger you will become after a breast augmentation isn't just about the size of the implant; it's also about the amount of breast tissue you already have.  So for example putting a 400cc implant in someone with an A cup isn't going to produce the same size after surgery as putting it in someone with a C cup like you.The best thing to do is have a full consultation and try on different implants to determine the additional volume that is required to give you the look you want.  Trying on the different implants will allow you and your surgeon to visualize the look you want to achieve.  Be sure to research only board certified plastic surgeons.

Be well and good luck!


457 cc breast implants should increase breast size by 2 cups

Thank you for your question.  As others have stated cup size depends on the manufacturer in the store from whom you by your bras.  Generally a each 150 cc added to a breast implant will increase breast size by 1 cup.

Enough volume

From your description it sounds like you are on the right track.  Remember that bra sizes vary widely but an implant of that volume should put you in what I would consider a DD

Breast augmentation

Most likely it will.

In my own practice we keep silicone gel implants of all sizes available for patients to try on in a testing bra. This is not a perfect teaching tool because under the muscle implants tend to lose some projection, but because my patients look it actual implants on their frame I find it the most helpful.
I encourage my patients to bring a friend or friends for a second or third opinion, and to bring a few different shirts.
I suggest as you look at implants you think about the relationship between the width of the breast and the width of the shoulders and hips. Two wide will make you look top heavy, too narrow will make the breasts look like torpedoes. I personally like to see the outer curve the breast have balance with the curve of the hip.
Once we hone in on the right diameter we then look at the projection of the breast which changes the cup size. At the correct diameter we can use a high moderate or low profile implant depending upon the patients goals.
Depending upon the starting situation, and the degree of droop we adjust accordingly.
Photographs of your goals are helpful, but they don't always tell the whole story. They don't always let you know a height and width of the entire patient.

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It depends on your height and weight and what size your breasts as to start. The smaller you are the more dramatic the change!

Right breast implants

On average, an implant of 400 - 450 cc will increase breasts by 2 cups. But bra cups are not scientific sizes.

The right breast implant must be chosen with care with measurements, discussion of types of implants, surfaces, gel and risks.
This is a Plastic Surgery specialty - see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Those of us who are also members of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons specialize in these and other cosmetic procedures.

DD cup

Cup size after surgery is very tricky because all of the bras run differently. 457cc implants probably will bump you up two cup sizes but there is no guarantee. Again, it depends on the style and fit of the bra you choose. I would check back with your surgeon and pose this question. He or she is best suited to answer because they have already examined you.

Is a 457 moderate silicone implant adequate to increase your cup two sizes?

Try on sizers in your surgeon's office.  He can make that decision based on how much skin you have around your chest.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns and expectations.

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