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435cc or 380cc Breast Implants for Deflated D Cups?

My Breast Augmentation surgery is due next week and I've been told I need low profile, 435cc or 380cc implants. I think I'm going for the bigger ones. I am now worried that they won't be big enough?

I am currently a size 10 top bra size 32 D cup but a deflated D cup. I am 5'9" and quite athletic/slim. I would like to enhance them a little more and make them look more youthful as I am 37 so I don't want fake looking boobies. Thanks for your help guys.

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Choosing the right breast implant


It is late for you to be worrying about this and this is something for you to work out with your doctor.  Plus, as a D cup you might need lifting and not just an implant since no implant will significantly lift a droopy breast.   

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Unsure of size one week before breast augmentation


Hi Paulalincs.

I am most concerned that your surgery is in one week, it probably already took place, and you are asking us about the size. We can only give you non-specific guidance without examining you. You should go back to your surgeon and keep discussing the size, trying on sizes, etc. until you are confident you and your surgeon are selecting the right size. You say that you are slim with an athletic build.

I usually do not use low profile implants in this type of situation because the implant is usually too wide for the patient's frame. However, this type of assessment can be done only in person. Finally, if you are a D cup, maybe you just need a lift with a repositioning of breast tissue. A D cup is a very generous size. Hope this helps and that you have a successful procedure.

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Breast implant choice


It is difficult to give you a good idea what to choose without examining you and going over the options. If you have tried on implants in this region or have done the "baggy test" with water or rice and are happy with the look at the propose volume, then trust the doctor to choose the right implant for you.

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It is the plastic surgeon's job, not yours, to find right size for breast augmentation.



Since these are the most common questions, I wrote two articles for RealSelf.  One gives tips on choosing a plastic surgeon, and the other is about picking breast implants.  You can look at them on my profile.

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Choosing your breast implant size can be a difficult task


It seems a bit unfair to ask you to choose between a 380cc or a 435cc low profile implant for breast augmentation. The surgeon ultimately must make the decision based on what he has come to understand is the result you are expecting, and base the size and type of implant on your particular breast shape and your goals. It makes no sense to rely on your own instincts to select the implant unless you are willing to accept the consequence of your selection. I suggest another visit to your surgeon, or perhaps another opinion to help be sure that the goal of the augmentation and expected result are clearly understood. As I have said many times, if the end result is great, the implant size is only a number.

Best of luck,


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Breast implant size


It is not necessarily likely that inflation of a deflated D cup will look more youthful. It may be that you are better served by a breast lift with a smaller implant to achieve a fuller "perkier" breast.

You may want to contact your surgeon or his staff to set up another sizing appointment so that you are more confident with your implant choice.

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Discuss breast implant size with your surgeon


Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to know in advance what size will be just right in the long run. As a general rule though, few patients seem to wish they had gone smaller after they have had implants for a while, so when the choice is between 2 sizes it is often best to go with the larger one. This is a decision you should make in discussion with your surgeon.

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Deflated D cups and going low-profile


It next to impossible to answer your question without the benefit of a photograph or physical exam -- I'm sure your plastic surgeon is excellent, and I would never second guess another surgeon's first-hand knowledge of a patient, but I'd like to hear the reasoning behind choosing a 'low profile' implant for a patient that describes herself as a 'deflated D cup'.

Was there a discussion about other implant profiles (moderate to high profile)?

Was a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure discussed?

You express that you desire a 'youthful' aesthetic outcome. Hopefully your plastic surgeon discussed the full range of breast procedures with you.

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Breast implant fitting needed to determine best size


The only way to determine the appropriate size of breast implant for you is to "try them on". Your surgeon should be willing to provide you with a fitting visit during which time you can see how different sized implants will change your appearance.

If you are now a 32D and do not want a "fake look," the 435cc implants may be a bit too large for you.

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Talk to your surgeon about these issues ASAP


 There is no way any of us posters can help or recommend anything to you without some photos! Your issues concern me in that you are unsure of what you really need. Return to the operating surgeon ASAP to clear these issues up. Regards

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