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43-years-old, vertical neck bands. I have a connective tissue disorder. Which procedure is best? (Photo)

I saw a cosmetic surgeon who said that he didn't think he could do anything at this time because I have almost no fat in my face/neck and have no looseness anywhere but my neck. He said to come back when I am 50, because a neck lift wouldn't work very well. What is your opinion? Which procedure is appropriate for my weight, age (even if you suggest I wait), and ehlersdanlos? This looseness disappears when I clench my jaw - at that point, platysma muscles show up, very prominent.

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43-years-old, vertical neck bands. I have a connective tissue disorder. Which procedure is best?

Might recommend BOTOX injections into the "neck bands" to see if effective as a temporary relief. But still need to be seen in person to decide..// 

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Early Neck Laxity and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Although it is usually good to start most conservative, your condition may limit benefits from any non-surgical treatments including Botox, Dysport or Ultherapy.
Best improvements with most longevity will be accomplished with a necklift including thorough platysmaplasty. I have performed such a procedure on a patient with your disorder a few years ago with good outcome, she was in her 40s as well.

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Early neck bands

For minimal neck bands, Botox is a good first step.  A Surgiwire procedure is also good as a minimally invasive procedure to lyse the bands.

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Verticals Neck bands age 43

These are called Platysmal bands and they occur when the Platysmal muscles in the neck separate with age or with a Cpnnective tissue disorder and one can see the slightly sagging medial borders of the muscle.  In your case a simple procedure called a Platysmaplasty can be performed under local anesthesia.  Through an inch and a half incision placed in the natural crease under the chin, the muscle bands are sutured together like a Corsette which eliminates the bands.  You are certainly a candidate for that.

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Platysmal banding

There are several options for neck rejuvenation.  If there is little subcutaneous fat and minimal loose skin, botox to the platysmal bands may be an option.  More invasive options include submentoplasty where the platysma muscles can be sewn together for a smoother neck contour.  Hope this helps.

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Bands in neck

Seek out several board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeons. You appear to be a candidate for a number of options so good luck with your future consults and let us know what you decide to do please.

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There are several procedures that may be effective but an examination is really needed.  Certainly though the bands can be corrected 

Dr Corbin

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