I'm 4'11", 90 Lbs, and Wear 32A Bra. Are 270 Cc's Enough to Give Me a Nice Full "C" Look?

I'm 4'11", 90 lbs, and wear 32A bra. Are 270 cc's enough to give me a nice full "C" look. I will be going under the muscle. I want my implants to look good on my frame, but I'm also worried about going to small and wishing I went bigger. I don't want to look too big for my frame, but for the money I'm spending I do want to notice a difference. I want to fill out my tops better and have something to show off in a bikini top. The idea is to look good and classy, not trashy. Any advice? Thanks.

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Breast implant size


You are quite petite and thin and I would not go too big on you, but 270cc may not give you the full C look. Also silicone would be more appropriate and give you less chance of gaving wrinkling and rippling.  Just make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page as far as what you are looking for and desire.

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Implant sizing


I consider two factors when selecting implants for my patients:

1.Dimensional planning
2.Gel Implant Sizing system

Dimensional planning – The measurements of your chest wall are taken. Also, the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast form the basis of dimensional planning. Based on these measurements, the implant size is recommended. This will give you a unique breast implant that is suited for your body frame. However, there are some limitations of what size we can recommend. For instance, some implants may just be too big for a narrow chest wall. Your surgeon can review this with you during the consultation.

Gel Implant Sizing system – During the preliminary breast implant consultation, you will be provided with an option to “try on” a variety of implant shapes and sizes. You can also visualize the possible outcomes of your surgery which helps you to get that perfect size to give you the shape that you longed for. This way your preferences are known and you can then pick a range of implants that will “fit” just right to give a soft natural fuller look. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Dr. Basu

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Implant Selection Process


You may require a little more volume to reach a full C. In order to make an accurate size recommendation, I would need to assess your chest wall and breast mound measurements and characteristics.  Unfortunately, there is not a general rule of thumb or objective criteria to implant selection.

Your plastic surgeon will perform several measurements of your chest wall and breast anatomy and determine a range of implants that both fit your chest wall and reach your desired goals.
The next step is to try on this range of implants in the office with your doctor.   The key to this success is showing your surgeon the body proportion you desire with a bra sizer and allowing your surgeon to guide you to the right implant.   It will be much easier to communicate in implant cc's than cup size when determining the appropriate implant for you.
I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.
Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant sizing/type


It is very important to communicate your size goals with your surgeon.  In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or “C cup” or "fake looking" means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.
Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate.
I use  intraoperative sizers and place the patient in the upright position to evaluate breast size. Use of these sizers also allow me to select the press implant profile (low, moderate, moderate plus, high-profile) that would most likely achieve the patient's goals. The patient's goal pictures are hanging on the wall, and allow for direct comparison.
I have found that this system is very helpful in improving the chances of achieving the patient's goals as consistently as possible.
By the way, the most common regret after this operation, is “I wish I was bigger”.
I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Implant vs breast size


The volume 270cc seems like an appropriate size for a woman of your size.  However, the implants do come in various projections and diameters, which can change appearance.  Also the amount of breast tissue you begin with will play a role in the final size and shape.  Your surgeon may have sample sizes to try on and get an idea of projection.  Good luck.

Rodger Wade Pielet, MD (in memoriam)
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Try implants in a bra


I have found one of the best ways to get the right cup size is to try temporary sizer implants on in a bra. That will give you a very good idea of what the final cup size will be.

John Squires, MD
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Implant choice


Am exam is worth a million words.  Without the exam it is difficult to say what would be best for you. You also looke like you have a bit of a sag on the left side and may need a circumareola lift on that side.  Choosing the right implants for you is a long discussion in the office. 

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Implant size to get a "Full C"


Bra sizes are confusing. More often than not, a woman is not wearing a correctly fitted bra, doesn't know her bra size, or doesn't know how a bra is fitted.

Cup size is dependent on the "number" part of the bra size... a D cup in a 34 bra is a different size from a 42 bra.

That being said, bra manufacturers are not held to any uniform standards when it comes to cup size and shape... that is why one brand of bra might fit you very well for a given size, but not another brand. Or, you wear a 34D in a Victoria's Secret bra, and a 34C in another brand, for example.

When discussing breast size after augmentation, outward projection can be further determined by the "profile" of the implant. High school geometry: Height (projection) times Width (base width). A Higher Profile implant will give you a larger cup size for less volume than a Moderate Profile implant.

Furthermore, a saline implant looks bigger than a silicone implant of the same volume. That is because a saline implant is more oval (round on both top and base), while a silicone implant is flat on the base.

Some plastic surgery books have proposed the following parameters for breast augmentation:

  • 32 bra: 100-200 ml per cup size
  • 34 bra: 150-250 ml per cup size
  • 36 bra: 200-300 ml per cup size
  • 38 bra: 250-350 ml per cup size 

William A. Wallace, MD, FACS
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Your surgeon has picked the right size for you

You have very limited amount of breast tissue to cover the implant and give you good result. You concerns about the size should be balanced with the concerns about the long term result and beauty of the final result. 270 is a good balance

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment of asymmetric breasts


To get an optimal result there is more to it than just the implant size. The implant's dimensions are equally important. The implant base width needs to fit the torso and breast size. In your case there is significant right left asymmetry. The left breast hangs lower than the right and has a narrower base width. If you do a symmetric procedure such as just putting implants in on each side you will continue to have asymmetry and could magnify it.

Before having the surgery you should place different sized implant spacers in your bra to see how they look and choose an implant size based on that.

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