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40 Year Male Here Thinking About a Facelift. Is It the Right Time? (photo)

Hi would love advice about whether I need to go under and have some work done to my face. I feel as if I'm looking tired all the time and my face is starting to sag. I can also see that my face is not symmetrical. I know that now one has a symmetric face, but want some advice. Thanks for your assistance

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I feel you are too young for a facelift. The change will not be very significant and would not be worth the cost or the scars involved. Save your money!

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Too young for a facelift?

I don't think a facelift would be the right procedure for you at this point. You are still young, and the laxity in the neck is minimal. I think your best option would be neck liposuction which can be performed quite easily and will have little downtime. With young, elastic skin, the result can be very good. A small chin implant could be considered at the same time if you want more jaw definition.

-Dr. Jamil Asaria, FACE Toronto

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Mae facelift

A male facelift is more difficult than in a female for the simple fact that an aggressive lift will, in general, feminize the face.  Looking at your pictures I would recommend some liposuction and perhaps some fillers and Botox.  A single procedure is not a magical event.  Sometimes less is more.  You have a lifetime to keep your self looking good.


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40 year old male here thinking about a facelift. Is it the right time?

Hello, in reviewing your photos I do not feel that a facelift is indicated for you at this time. I  advise you to have some submental liposuction as well as sculpting of your jawline at this time. I am certain that you will be very please with your results. It is premature for you to have a facelift, you will not benefit enough from the procedure at this time. It would be best for you to schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. Good luck to you. 

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After 40 begin slowly with conservative surgery after the 55 begin agressive ivasive surgery

i would suggest  to begin with plastma and fat injection and avoiding invasive surgery , perhaps eyebrowns lifting trough upper frontal plication, perhaps some fat excision at chin and some botox at  exteernal palpebral that  would be whole you need

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