Is 360 ccs enough to get me a full C? Will I gain size after i drop and fluff?

Hi, I am 5'5 and wiegh 135 lbs. I am 3 weeks post op with 370ccs of silicone unders. I started pre op as a 34 a and I was hoping to be closure to a full c but it looks like im a full b/ small c. I was measured at a 34 b when i got bra fitted and was so sad because I was really hoping for larger breast. Can I expect them to gain in size with dropping and fluffing? If so how much of and increase?

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B or C-cup

You are definitely a C-cup rather than a B-cup based on your appearance and the size of your implant.  Bra manufacturers vary greatly, so maybe try another company. Good luck.

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3 weeks after breast augmentation is to early to evaluate breast size.

Thank you for your question and photographs. From the photographs it appears you have a beautiful result.

Your breast shape and size will change over the next 4-6 weeks so it is too early to be concerned.

Be aware that different manufacturers label cup size differently. That is to say a C cup bra in one store may well be labeled a B cup bra and a different store.

Please focus on the improved appearance of your breasts and not on cup size.

Cup size

Every bra is manufactured differently. Volume of implants does not always correlate to cup sizes.

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Is 360 ccs enough to get me a full C? Will I gain size after i drop and fluff?

Typically to gain 2 cup sizes, you would need approximately 400cc (200cc for each cup size increase). 360cc should bring you close to 2 cup sizes, between a full B & to a small C cup, which is what you are measuring. You look like you have beautiful results. Always best to discuss your goals for size with your surgeon prior to surgery so you are on the same page before having the surgery.

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Implant size

Do not worry - try on implants with your plastic surgeon - this will give you a good sense - best of luck.

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