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Is 350 Cc Fit Well for Me? (photo)

I got my sillicone implant 12 days ago, I was starting with 34 aa bra size , & I hope to reach 34 c, my ps gives me 350 cc high profile sillicone gel, I don't konw, is this size good for me? My measures is : Hight : 5.2 feet Wight : 130 lbs Rib cage : 30.5 "

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Is 350 Cc Fit Well for Me?


Really, only you can answer that. There are no fixed definitions of cup size, and I have a number of patients who tell me they can fit in cups of 3 different sizes. If the size looks good on you, it is a good result regardless of the label on the brassiere. All the best. 

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Thanks for the question. Once you have the surgery, avoid second guessing yourself for the size. I advise patients to get an implant that fits comfortably on your body. Place them in a bra as a start before you proceed with surgery.Best Wishes..Thomas Narsete, M.D.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

Is 350 Cc Fit Well for Me?


I am confused? Where are the POST OPERATIVE photos??? Very hard to advise in this case. Best you either re state the question or post post photos! 

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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