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Combo Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmenation - As Painful As C-Section?

I am 32 year old and have 4 children 6 - 10 month old . I want to do Tammy tuck and breast augmentation in the same time. Can you please give me advice. Is this as painful as ceserian ???

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Tummy Tuck Pain vs C-Section


This is one of my most asked questions. I usually tell woman who have given birth, that if they can handle that ordeal: then a tummy tuck is a piece of cake. Operative pain from a C-section is due to entry into the abdominal cavity. There are significant pain fibers within the peritoneum, that cause post operative pain. A tummy tuck does not enetr the abdomen, It is entirely limited to the skin, subcutaneous fat, and fascia of the muscles. Therefore, the pain should be less. Of course gentle handling of the tisues by your sugeon with combined little or no bleeding lessens the post operative pain. Wearing a tight support garment also helps.

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Pain Pumps Make All the Difference!


I used to tell my patients that it was similar, but some would tell me the Mommy Makeover (Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation) was more painful than a Cesarean Section, others would tell me that it was less.

About seven years ago, I started using a Pain Pump for all my Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck patients. The Pain Pump is a small device that fits into a fanny pack; it drips local anesthetic into the surgery sites through tiny catheters (think of miniature IV tubing) that we place during surgery. The improvement in my patients' post-op comfort has been dramatic!

Ask your surgeon about using a pain pump for your procedure.

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Tummy tuck and breast augmentation- Mommy Makeover


tummy tuck and breast augmentation can be combined. This combination is called a mommy makeover. It usually extends the recovery period from two to three weeks. It is not dangerous to combine these procedures as long as you are healthy and have ample help at home.

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Combo Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation without breast scars

I would recommend that you do both procedures at once for a few reasons: It will be less expensive as only one anesthesia and recovery room charge, you only have one recovery and time off form work. Your breast augmentation procedure in the right hands can be safely done through your tummy tuck incision so there are no scars on the breast - this is my favorite approach over the past 25 years when both are done at the same time. It is not as painful as a C-Section  according to my patients.

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Combo Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmenation - As Painful As C-Section


The pain of the combination is equivalent to a c-section, but different since you are dealing with two distinct areas. Some women have indicated that since they have gone through the experience of childbirth, that they are prepared for the pain of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation so they are better able to manage it.

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Tummy tuck


I have performed these two together many times, and I have found it to be safe.  As far as the pain is concerned, my patients generally have said that the pain is greater either from the breast or the abdomen.  I have been told that a C-section is more painful, but that is based on the individual. 

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Pain from tummy tuck and breast augmentation performed simultaneously


This will likely be more expensive than a c-seciton especially  tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast augmentation with implants placed under the muscle. This has also been called the Mommy Makoever

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Tummy tuck plus aug?


Doing both can be doen.assuming the patient is in excellent health there should be no problem.Pain woul;d most likely come from plication durung a tummy tuck,when we tighten the muscles,but you amy not need that.also if the augment is on top of the muscle versus under,then it is less painful..

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Re: Is a combo tummy tuck + breast augmentation as painful as a C-section?


Since a tummy tuck involves plication “tightening” of the muscles rather than splitting them and entering into the abdominal cavity, an abdominoplasty is generally somewhat less painful than a C Section. The addition of breast augmentation will add a bit more pain for the first few days but Marcaine injected into both cavities will help in the first 24 hours. I combine both procedures routinely with less risk than if done separately. Having delivered four children I feel confident that you will be able to handle a combined procedure easily.

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Pain with Mommy Makeover


It is difficult to quantify pain. but I would expect the pain with a mommy makeover (AUGMENTATION AND TUMMY TUCK)  to be comparable to or less than your C-section(s).  The main difference is that muscle is cut with a C-section.  In a tummy tuck the muscle is plicated rather than cut, but this usually still is accompanied by moderate pain for a few days.

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