300 Low Profile or 350 Moderate Profile

I have recently had a 30 pound weight loss and lost most of my breast fullness as a result. I was a 36DD before the weight loss but I am currently a saggy 34C. I have been advised I need a lollipop lift by both PS I have consulted with. One PS suggested 350 moderate+ implants to restore fullness. Another has suggested 285/305 low profile (to correct asymmetry). I would like to be a full D or DD. Will my results be terribly different given the size and profile suggested by each surgeon?

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Both surgeons seem to stay in the same range which is accurate. With a Vertical lift you are looking to get good results. Without pictures it’s hard to be more accurate. I believe that a high profile would be better than a low profile. Once again without a visual it’s hard to be exact.


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