Will a 300cc round high profile give me a natural look or should I go with a 275cc high profile, or moderate + profile? (Photo)

I'm 39 years old, 2 kids and going for a BA. I'm 5' 5" and weigh 134 lbs. I wear now 34 B and want to go for a fuller B or C, whichever will give me a natural look. My PS advised to go with 300 cc round high profile implant (Mentor). I wasn't given the choice to try sizers but I communicated clearly that I want my breast to look natural. I'm not a fan of "big boobs"! My PS agreed to consider 275cc as well.

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Natural look without implants

You had 2 pregnancies so your breasts are drooping. Since you are satisfied with size 34 B you do not need breast augmentation and there is nothing more natural than using your own tissue. I recommend a new technique called The Mini Ultimate Breast LiftTM. Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage. Aligning the areola and breast tissue over the bony prominence of the chest wall maximizes anterior projection without the need for implants. 22% of women who undergo breast augmentation alone require revision within 2 years because they are dissatisfied with the result. Frequent causes of dissatisfaction is over implantation and not performing a simultaneous lift when needed. Women refuse lifts because of the ugly vertical scars of the lollipop or boat anchor shaped incisions, nipple numbness and the inability to breast feed. This new technique eliminates those complications and will give you the all natural look you desire.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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275 or 300 cc implants

To give you an idea of the implant volume, you can try a baggy test and see if you are comfortable with it. A 25 cc difference is not a lot.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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High profile implants stretch tissues

Thank you for your question and for providing the photographs.  In my opinion you need a breast lift and maybe a small implant.  High profile implants tend to stretch the tissues more than a lower profile implant.  I agree that you should try on sizers.  I think 300cc is probably too big for you. Hope this helps.
Tracy Pfeifer, MD, MS

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Size.

First, you have sagging.  Has your plastic surgeon discussed a lift with your augmentation?  You will need a lift to correct your sagging and loose skin.  In terms of breast implant sizing, there are several factors that plastic surgeons consider when recommending implant sizes. I consider two factors when selecting implants for my patients:

1. Dimensional planning
2. Gel Implant Sizing system

Dimensional planning – The measurements of your chest wall are taken. Also, the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast form the basis of dimensional planning. Based on these measurements, the implant size is recommended. This will give you a unique breast implant that is suited for your body frame. However, there are some limitations of what size we can recommend. For instance, some implants may just be too big for a narrow chest wall. Your surgeon can review this with you during the consultation.

Gel Implant Sizing system – During the preliminary breast implant consultation, you will be provided with an option to “try on” a variety of implant shapes and sizes. You can also visualize the possible outcomes of your surgery which helps you to get that perfect size to give you the shape that you longed for. This way your preferences are known and you can then pick a range of implants that will “fit” just right to give a soft natural fuller look. Hope this helps.

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Post-partum breast rejuvenation

Based on your chest size, a 300 cc HP implant is too small for your frame, somewhat like a yoke in a fried egg. Given your goal, a breast lift alone may increase your upper pole projection and improve sagging, while keeping your current, natural size. Another option is the use of a 320 cc Moderate Classic implant under the muscle, this will increase superior pole (upper breast) projection, without adding too much volume.

Karen Vaniver, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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Implant profile

I believe you would look best with a 275cc moderate profile plus implant.  It is like to appear as a natural-looking C-cup.  Good luck with the surgery.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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300 cc breast implants for a natural look

Thank you for your question.  You really need to revisit your plastic surgeon and insist on a sizing system based on especially shaped implants and your chest and breast measurements.  If your surgeon will not do this and insist on using the implant that he chooses without your input then you should consult another plastic surgeon.  Generally speaking moderate profile plus implants provide a more natural look than high profile implants.  300 cc it is not that different from 275 and both are commonly used breast implants.  You may check the link below for a discussion of the Rice test which you can do in the privacy of your own home.

25 cc's difference

is not really significant... and please realize implants are not natural.  If you want natural, don't get them.  Otherwise you should have an active role in choosing the size and your surgeon usually chooses the profile.  If your surgeon refuses to exceed your natural dimensions and you have a 'death valley' between mounds, consider getting a second opinion as there is a generation of doctors that will not do that as that is what they were taught.  With experience, you realize rules can be bent some for a better outcome.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation size

In my own practice we keep silicone gel implants of all sizes available for patients to try on in a testing bra. This is not a perfect teaching tool because under the muscle implants tend to lose some projection, but because my patients look it actual implants on their frame I find it the most helpful.
I encourage my patients to bring a friend or friends for a second or third opinion, and to bring a few different shirts.
I suggest as you look at implants you think about the relationship between the width of the breast and the width of the shoulders and hips. Two wide will make you look top heavy, too narrow will make the breasts look like torpedoes. I personally like to see the outer curve the breast have balance with the curve of the hip.
Once we hone in on the right diameter we then look at the projection of the breast which changes the cup size. At the correct diameter we can use a high moderate or low profile implant depending upon the patients goals.
Depending upon the starting situation, and the degree of droop we adjust accordingly.
Photographs of your goals are helpful, but they don't always tell the whole story. They don't always let you know a height and width of the entire patient.

Will a 300cc round high profile give me a natural look or should I go with a 275cc high profile, or moderate + profile?

    25 cc will not make a visual difference, but I would recommend trying on sizers prior to selecting a size.  I would agree that a lift would seem prudent.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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